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Written by Administrator
Tuesday, 09 November 2010 12:29
PDF Print E-mail are a group of health professionals who are committed to improving your ability to manage your pain condition.  We work closely with patients to provide the best patient focussed care in conjunction with the best evidence available.  In addition we also want to support our medical colleagues both in primary care (ie General Practitioners) as well as those in Specialist practice (Surgeons, physicians, physiotherapists and other health consultants. We have a close working association with TBI Health and utilise their expertise in the activity and psychologically based interventions. manage their patients under a Bio-Psycho-Social approach, understanding that pain is a highly complex condition that is seldom 'treated' by a single intervention.  It requires the close collaboration of several professionals to work together with you.  In many conditions we will get a significant improvement in pain and function.

What do do? We;



  • Evaluate, diagnose and manage patients with a variety of acute and chronic pain conditions
  • Undertake interventions based on best practice and evidence based medicine
  • Coordinate pain management programmes
  • Provide pain management education for patients
  • Support other healthcare providers with information and education
  • Lobby government and funding bodies to improve the profile of pain management in our community
  • Consult to industry and corporate bodies for pain related issues.



Contact us via email, phone or facebook to organise an appointment at one of our locations best suited.  We can provide consultations face to face in our offices, over the phone or occasionally via Skype.  We are happy to liase with other healthcare providers.

Our staff will also be more than  happy to schedule times we can provide in house teaching and education for groups, corporate bodies and other agencies involved with healthcare and pain management. provide a unique, modern and integrated approach to Pain Management.

 Download a brochure that outlines our service, referral requirements and fees here.

The Hunter Intergrated Pain Services have produced a 5 minute video outlining the best pain management process.  This outlines in a brief, yet comprehensive way how we approach pain managment














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Written by Michal Kluger
Tuesday, 09 November 2010 12:29
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e-Pain Book (V1-2011)

The e-Pain Book is an brief overview of the management strategy for patients who have difficult to manage pain.  It is in draft format at present but can be obtained by contacting via phone, fax or email.  We hope its helps you.  If there are any sections that can be improved we want to know.


All the best




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